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Beyond the Kegel™

Specifically created for women's healthcare providers, this course is the only multi-disciplinary pelvic health course of its kind. Containing 6-modules, this self-paced online course is comprehensive and concise, helping you quickly diagnose and alleviate your patients’ pelvic floor dysfunction.
AANP accredited, 8.15 contact hours.
Doctors and Physician Associates can claim Category 2 CME hours.

The Complete Pelvic Health Resource Binder™

Your indispensable pelvic health binder includes templates for subjective and objective findings PLUS patient education handouts in English and Spanish. Our Pelvic Health Resource Binder has everything you need - organized in one place at your fingertips.

Become a Pelvic Health Certified Clinician™

Once you complete Beyond the Kegel™, you’ll have the option of becoming certified by the Institute for Pelvic Health™ as a Pelvic Health Certified Clinician™. By upleveling your skills to this higher standard of care, as a PHCC you’ll be listed in the Institute for Pelvic Health’s™ online directory, enabling other patients and healthcare professionals to find you.
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Beyond the Kegel™


Teaching women's healthcare providers how to quickly and easily integrate pelvic health into their clinical practice. Whether you’re a physician, a nurse practitioner, a physician’s associate, or a certified midwife nurse, Beyond the Kegel™ is one of the most ground-breaking, interdisciplinary courses on women's health. Pelvic health is so much more than just the pelvic floor! 

A self-paced, lifetime-access, 6- module online course for women's healthcare providers.

This activity was planned in accordance with AANP Accreditation Standards and is accredited for 8.15 contact hours. Doctors and Physician Associates can claim Category 2 CME credit.


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Beyond the Kegel™- the premier interdisciplinary pelvic floor course for women’s healthcare providers so you can confidently care for your patients using best practices.

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Meet the interdisciplinary Pelvic Health practitioners who founded The Institute for Pelvic Health™.


Melissa Hines, DPT, is a pelvic floor physical therapist who founded one of the country’s leading interdisciplinary private pelvic health clinics, Wellest Integrative Health, in Boston, MA. Melissa is passionate about women’s health and teaching other providers how to bridge the disconnect between pelvic health, primary care, and OBGYN. 

Kathy Kates, FNP, is also a champion of women's health and ran a women’s health program for a large medical institution for over a decade. For the first four years, Kathy never thought much about the pelvic floor and its overall impact on women's health. This quickly changed after undergoing breast cancer treatment when she had significant dyspareunia and learned — as a pelvic floor therapy patient — how important pelvic health is and how little she learned about it in her NP training. 

Kathy and Melissa work collaboratively at Wellest Integrative Health. Their unique interdisciplinary approach has helped thousands of patients get their lives back and made their clinic a top pelvic health practice in the country. In addition, they mentor and train other women's healthcare providers and created the Institute for Pelvic Health™ to share knowledge and provide new learning. Kathy and Melissa are also founders of the educational community Woman NP Please, for Nurse Practitioners specializing in women’s health.

"The Institute they have created is so extremely valuable.  Looking at their work is a compelling reminder that medical science only knows what it cares to learn about. No wonder there have been heart institutes for decades, but pelvic health institutes only recently. I just love how solid, competent, assured, calm, and comprehensive that Kathy and Melissa are; it takes all the stigma, mystery, and worry away and opens the door to better well-being for parts of the body that are vital to all of life, and so all people"

Arthur L, MD